Saving Time is Invaluable!

Town & Country Cleaners pick up and delivery service is about to make your life a whole lot better and easier. How? By providing you with professional dry cleaning, shoe cleaning services, laundry and basic alteration services. Your items can be conveniently picked up and delivered right to your office or home.

Pick up & Delivery

Contact hours: 7AM - 12 Noon
Pick up & Delivery Hours : 7PM - 10:00PM on Tue. & Fri
*Dry cleaning and laundry services will take 2 full days to process; however, the delivery or pick up can be attained in two hours. Upon notice of a pick up or a delivery request we will try to pick up and or deliver your items within a 2 hour time frame.

pickup area

Town & Country Cleaners provides:

* Dry Cleaning, Laundry & basic Alteration Services
* FREE Pick-up & Delivery (minimum $40)
* Turn around time : 2 full days
   - note: special services such as basic alteration, leather cleaning, shoe cleaning and
     wedding dress cleaning/preservation will take 7-20 business days.
* Note: Any problems must be addressed directly by visiting our store front.
* Disclaimer: clothes will be held for a maximum of 40 days.
* Easy to Use Scheduling System and Services
* Incredible Convenience

Our Number One Goal

Our number one goal is to make your life easier. Town & Country Cleaners’s easy to use system gives you a pick-up and delivery schedule that best suits your needs. You don’t even need to be home to enjoy your home delivery service - we systematically pick-up and deliver your dry cleaning to a pre-designated location on your service days.

How we work

Town & Country Cleaners is convenient and easy to use. Once a service area for pick-up and delivery is designated at your home, you need only complete two steps:
1. Request pick-up 2. We pick up your laundry

Basic Service

Town & Country Cleaners offers laundry,basic clothing alteration and shoe cleaning services. We also offer leather/suede cleaning, wedding gown preservation and cleaning of household items including table linens, comforters and sleeping bags. Conveniently place items to be repaired with your laundry pick-up for fast and professional service

Routing Service Available